All Saints Winter Conference with Steven Wedgeworth - Christian Humanism and Reformation (6 mp3s)

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The topic of our conference is "The Forgotten Wonder of the World: Christian Humanism & the Reformation" with Rev. Steven Wedgeworth - Bishop Joseph Hall once said, stupor mundi clerus britannus, "The English clergy is the amazement of the world." He was referring to the educational renaissance that had come from the English Reformation, as well as the related effects upon arts and culture. John Davenant had also said that the "English divines" were "the most celebrated in the whole Christian world." Yet most Christians descended from this English tradition, whether Anglican, Presbyterian, or otherwise, have mostly forgotten this legacy entirely. This conference will reintroduce some of the influential personalities and contributions from that era in attempt to reclaim the best features for the church today. The themes that will be covered will be political theology, classical Christian learning, liturgy, and catholicity (or ecumenical relations between churches). Saturday
8:00 am Men’s Study - Session 01 - Power and Persuasion: How to be Free Men
10:00 am - 12:00 pm (all invited) Sessions 02- Christian Humanism and the Reformation & Session 03 - "That the Ministry of the Gospel and the Schools be Maintained": The Universities of Protestantism

Sunday - All Saints meets at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church (105 N. 11th St., Akron, PA 17501)
9:15 am Teaching Time - Session 04 - King James' Vision For a Protestant Christendom
Worship 10:30 a.m. Word and Sacrament service
Sermon - Philemon 8-22, "Charge it To Me: Paul's Exercise in Persuasion"

Steven Wedgeworth Rev. Steven Wedgeworth (M.Div., Reformed Theological Seminary) is the pastor of Christ Church, Lakeland, FL. Pastor Wedgeworth helped to found the St. Augustine School in Jackson, MS and currently teaches a world religions class at Geneva Classical Academy in Lakeland. He is also the co-founder and editor of The Calvinist International, as well as a directing... read more
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01 Power and Persuasion: How to be Free Me Mens Study Steven Wedgeworth
02 Christian Humanism and the Reformation Steven Wedgeworth
03 That the Ministry of the Gospel and the Scho...ies of Protestantism Steven Wedgeworth
04 Three Tasks for Elders Steven Wedgeworth
06 Charge it To Me: Paul's Exercise in Persuasion Philemon 8-22 Steven Wedgeworth
King James' Vision For a Protestant Christendom Steven Wedgeworth