ETS 2015 - The Book of Job (4 mp3s)

ETS 2015 - The Book of Job (4 mp3s)
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A collection from the 2015 Evangelical Theological Society in the section, Old Testament, addressing the book of Job.
Moderator: Ronald W. Pierce (Talbot School of Theology)

William C. Pohl IV (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) “In All This Job Did Not Sin With His Lips”: Job’s Words and Divine Speech Ethics in the Book of Job
Joshua E. Stewart (Luther Rice College & Seminary) A Wise Translation of Job 42:5–6
Eric Ortlund (Briercrest College and Seminary) How did Job speak Rightly about God?
S. Timothy Hyun (Faith Evangelical College & Seminary) Job the Disabled: Disability and Welfare in the Book of Job

William C. Pohl IV (Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, Cincinnati, OH) served as a presenter at the 2020 ETS Conference, Christianity and Islam, Nov. 16-20, 2020.
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