Steve Jeffery - Science and Christianity (7 mp3s)

Organization: Emmanuel
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Rev. Steve Jeffery (Ph.D. in experimental physics from Oxford University) provides a well-illustrated series of talks about the science and faith. This conference includes 7 presentations on the relationship between Christianity and science by He discusses Lessons from the Past, Losing our Minds, A Fine-Tuned World, Right and Wrong, Designer Biosphere, and how a Scientist can be a Christian, as well as Q/A.

Steve Jeffery Steve (Ph.D. Oxford in experimental physics) is the Minister of Emmanuel Evangelical Church. He co-authored Pierced for Our Transgressions (IVP, 2007), a defence of the doctrine of penal substitutionary atonement, and The Cross (10 Publishing, 2012), an introduction to the message of the cross. He has lectured and debated in a variety of settings including universities and conferences in the UK, Europe... read more
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A Fine-Tuned World Steve Jeffery
A scientist and a Christian? How is that possible? Steve Jeffery
Designer Biospere Steve Jeffery
Lessons from the Past Steve Jeffery
Losing Our Minds Steve Jeffery
QA Steve Jeffery
Right and Wrong Steve Jeffery