ETS 2015 - Hip Hop Culture and American Evangelicalism (4 mp3s)

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Rap in Church? These interesting sessions are from the 2015 Evangelical Theological Society meeting in Atlanta from the session on Christianity and Culture: Hip Hop Culture and American Evangelicalism. This session includes some dicussion on parenting and hip hop music, as well as some autobiography of Christian hip hop artists. These sessions were moderated by Glenn R Kreider (Dallas Theological Seminary) and include the following: 1) William “Duce” Branch (a.k.a. The Ambassador) (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) - Can These Dry Bones Live?: Reflections on a Journey of Hip Hop Theological Engagement; 2) William Lee Barefield III (Trip Lee)* (Cornerstone Church) - Rise: Get Up and Live in God's Story; 3) John Onwuchekwa (Cornerstone Church) - A Blueprint for Ministry: Reflections of a Pastor; 4) Panel Discussion with William “Duce” Branch (a.k.a. The Ambassador), William Lee Barefield III (Trip Lee), and John Onwuchekwa (Cornerstone Church).


William Branch William "Duce" Branch a.k.a. The Ambassador or Ambassador is a Christian hip-hop artist who has recorded both independently and as a founding member of the group The Cross Movement. Branch is the former president of Cross Movement Ministries. He is an alumnus of Dallas Theological Seminary and has a Master in Theology degree graduating with honors.
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John Onwuchekwa - A Blueprint for Ministry - Reflections of a Pastor John Onwuchekwa
John Onwuchekwa, William Barefield, William Bra...ican Evangelicalismf John Onwuchekwa
William Barefield - Rise - Get Up and Live in God's Story William Barefield
William Branch - Can These Dry Bones Live? - R...eological Engagement William Branch