Ken Gentry - A Course on Postmillennialism (17 mp3s)

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This college level course on Postmillennial eschatology, by noted scholar, Dr. Kenneth Gentry covers a wide range of topics, including: philosophy of history, millennial views, Psalms, OT expectations, the Kingdom in the OT/NT, Israel, gradualism, the consummation, heaven/hell/new earth, objections, and a short 3 part series on the Book of Revelation (worth the price of the whole course!)

Ken L Gentry Jr Dr. Gentry, is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University (B.A., cum laude), Reformed Theological Seminary (M. Div.), Whitefield Theological Seminary (Th. M.; Th. D., summa cum laude). He is the Executive Director of GoodBirth Ministries, a non-profit religious educational ministry committed to sponsoring, subsidizing, and advancing serious Christian scholarship and education. He has published scores... read more
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Items Included

01 Introduction to the Philosophy of History Ken L Gentry Jr
02 Elements of Christianity Ken L Gentry Jr
03 Millennial Views Ken L Gentry Jr
04 Post Fall Expectations Ken L Gentry Jr
05 Psalms with Prophetic Hope Ken L Gentry Jr
06 OT Prophecies and the NT Kingdom Ken L Gentry Jr
07 The Kingdom in NT Ken L Gentry Jr
08 The Rejection of Israel Ken L Gentry Jr
09 World Gradualism Ken L Gentry Jr
10 Orthodox View of the Consummation Ken L Gentry Jr
11 The Resurrection Ken L Gentry Jr
12 Heaven Hell New Earth Ken L Gentry Jr
13 Objections to Postmillennialism 1 Ken L Gentry Jr
14 Objections to Postmillennialism 2 Ken L Gentry Jr
15 The Book of Revelation 1 Ken L Gentry Jr
16 The Book of Revelation 2 Ken L Gentry Jr
17 The Book of Revelation 3 Ken L Gentry Jr