ETS 2013 -Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy (Merrick, Mohler, Enns, Bird, Vanhoozer, Franke - 5 mp3s)

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Sessions from the 65th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society - "Evangelicalism, Inerrancy, and ETS," Baltimore, MD November 19–21, 2013.

Moderator: Stephen M. Garrett (Global Scholars)
James R. A. Merrick (Grand Canyon University) Introducing the Discussion
R. Albert Mohler, Jr. (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) - Classic Inerrancy is Necessary for Evangelical Integrity
Peter E. Enns (Eastern University) - Abandoning Inerrancy Is Necessary for Evangelical Integrity
Michael F. Bird (Ridley Melbourne College of Mission and Ministry, Australia) Inerrancy is Not Necessary for Evangelicalism Outside the USA
Brief prepared by Kevin J. Vanhoozer: Augustinian Inerrancy: A Well-Versed Account
John R. Franke (Yellowstone Theological Institute) - Inerrancy and the Missional God
Panel Discussion
Audience Q & A

Albert Mohler Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., serves as the ninth president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary-the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention and one of the largest seminaries in the world. A native of Lakeland, Florida, Dr. Mohler was a Faculty Scholar at Florida Atlantic University before receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from Samford... read more
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01 James R. A. Merrick Introducing the Discussion James R.A. Merrick
02 R. Albert Mohler Jr. Classic Inerrancy is Ne...vangelical Integrity Albert Mohler
03 Peter E. Enns Abandoning Inerrancy Is Necess...vangelical Integrity Peter E. Enns
04 Michael F. Bird Inerrancy is Not Necessary f...lism Outside the USA Michael F. Bird
05 Kevin J. Vanhoozer Augustinian Inerrancy A WellVersed Account Kevin J Vanhoozer
06 John R. Franke Inerrancy and the Missional God John R. Franke
07 Mohler Enns Bird Franke Panel Discussion Fi...errancy with Q and A MULTIPLE SPEAKERS