England, Scotland, and America (8 mp3s)

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A Short History of the Gospel in England, Scotland, and America," the Fourth Annual Credenda Agenda/Canon Press History Conference 1999. 8 Messages - Speakers: George Grant, Steve Wilkins, and Douglas Wilson. These talks trace the gospel from early Celtic Christianity through Alfred the Great and Wycliffe to Enlightenment battles. . . .  from the Canon Press Christ Church 1999 History Conference -England, Scotland, and America.

George Grant George Grant is the president of the King's Meadow Study Center, the pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church, coordinator of the Gileskirk Curriculum Project, and instructor at Franklin Classical School. His recent books include: The Importance of the Electoral College, Blood of the Moon: Understanding the Historic Struggle Between Islam and Western Civilization,... read more
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Alfred the Great George Grant
Celtic Christianity Steve Wilkins
Great Expectations Douglas Wilson
J Wycliffe Lollards George Grant
Protestant Exodus to America Steve Wilkins
Reformation in England and Scotland Douglas Wilson
Rise of Unbelief Douglas Wilson
The Reformed in Exile George Grant