Canon Press Christ Church 2002 History Conference

Organization: Canon Press
Price: $18.00

Speakers: George Grant, Steve Wilkins, and Douglas Wilson - The Reformation is one of the high points of church history, and it behooves Christians to know about the mighty men who so faithfully fought for God's glory.  An amazing collection from knowledgeable speakers. Add this to your library today.

The following biographies are included in this set : 

1. Gerard Groote - George Grant
2. William Tyndale - Douglas Wilson
3. Jan Hus - George Grant
4. John Wycliffe - Steve Wilkins
5. Martin Bucer - George Grant
6. William Wallace - Steve Wilkins
7. Richard Hooker - Douglas Wilson
8. John Calvin - Steve Wilkins
9. Theodore Beza - Douglas Wilson.


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Items Included

01Grant Groote George Grant
02Wilson Tyndale Douglas Wilson
03Grant Hus George Grant
04Wilkins Wycliffe Steve Wilkins
05Grant Bucer George Grant
06Wilkins Wallace Steve Wilkins
07Wilson Hooker Douglas Wilson
08Wilkins Calvin Steve Wilkins
09Wilson Beza Douglas Wilson