Biblical Horizons 1993 Conference - Temple and Priesthood

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1993 Biblical Horizons Conference on Temple and Priesthood. 17 mp3s in two albums with notes, including Jordan: The Firmament (3 mp3s), Jordan: The Sinaitic Tabernacle (1 mp3), Jordan: The Jerusalem Tabernacle (2 mp3s), Jordan: The Temples of Solomon and Ezekiel (2 mp3s), Peter J. Leithart: Duties of the Priests and the Structure of Exodus (4 t.), Leithart: The Vestments and Ordination of the Priests (2 mp3s), Leithart: Did Plato Read Moses?: How Much Influence Did the Bible Have on Ancient Civilizations? (1 mp3), Jeffrey J. Meyers: Ritual and Redemptive History: Liturgical Worship is "Old Testament" Come From? (2 mp3s).

James B. Jordan James B. Jordan is the Director of Biblical Horizons ministries, a theological think tank that publishes books, monographs, essays and taped lectures focused on Bible commentary, Biblical theology and liturgical theology. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in comparative literature. During four years in the United States Air force,... read more
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01 The Firmament I James B. Jordan
02 Stewards of the Lords House PJL Peter J. Leithart
03 The Firmament II James B. Jordan
04 The Structure of Exodus PJL Peter J. Leithart
05 Duties of the Priests I PJL Peter J. Leithart
06 Duties of the Priests II PJL Peter J. Leithart
07 The Firmament III James B. Jordan
08 The Sinaitic Tabernacle James B. Jordan
09 Ritual and Redemptive History JJM Jeffrey J. Meyers
10 The Jerusalem Tabernacle James B. Jordan
11 The Priestly Garments PJL Peter J. Leithart
12 Did Plato Read Moses PJL Peter J. Leithart
13 The Ordination of the Priests PJL Peter J. Leithart
14 The Temples of Solomon & Ezekiel James B. Jordan
1993 BH Conf - Temple and Priesthood - LECTURE NOTES