Cornelius Van Til - Modern Theology (5 mp3s)

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Dr. Cornelius Van Til, late professor of apologetics at Westminster Seminary, addresses modern theology in five classic lectures.

Cornelius VanTil Cornelius Van Til was born on May 3, 1895, in Grootegast, The Netherlands. The Van Tils emigrated to the United States when "Kees," as he was known to friends, was 10. He grew up helping on the family farm in Highland, Indiana where they joined the CRC church. He was married to Rena Klooster in 1925 and they had one son, Earl, who died in 1983. Van Til is survived by a grand-daughter, Sharon Reed of... read more
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Modern Theology 1 Cornelius VanTil
Modern Theology 2 Cornelius VanTil
Modern Theology 3 Cornelius VanTil
Modern Theology 4 Cornelius VanTil
Modern Theology 5 Cornelius VanTil