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Who Provides All This Heavy Material?


Because we want to provide resources for growth in a full-orbed Christian world and life view, we have publication and distribution Agreements with the following organizations and speakers, for a total of over 10,000 hours of audio instruction. And we are adding more as quickly as possible!

American Vision WordMp3 audio
Association of Classical & Christian Schools audio
Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church Auburn Avenue Pastors' Conferences audio
Basileian Lectures (EXCLUSIVE) WordMp3 audio
Biblical Horizons WordMp3 audio
Chalcedon WordMp3 audio
Covenant Media WordMp3 audio
Credenda/Agenda Canon Press/Credenda Agenda audio History Conferences! Ministerial Conferences!
Founders Ministries: Committed to historic Southern Baptist Principles Founders Conference WordMp3 audio
George Grant's audio - King's Meadow and Gileskirk Curriculum
Mt Olive Tape Library Home Mount Olive WordMp3 audio
The R. L. Dabney Center for Theological Studies R.L. Dabney Center audio
Square Halo books and conferences
St. Anne's Audio Magazine (Free Audio)
Veritas Press/Veritas Academy Teacher Training Conferences audio

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