Why Mp3 Audio

A New Covenant - A New Creation - A New Gospelization

The new covenant promises the globalization of the gospel. The current wave of technology provides another way to get the Word to the globe

Mp3: A Revolution for De-Centralization

Because of the relatively small file size, Mp3s can be downloaded from the internet. So independent musicians can get their sound out via the web. But so can independent thinkers! was in the first wave of hundreds of Mp3 sites featuring an alternative source of sound.

Mp3: A Revolution for Distributing Educational Audio
Since the digital audio infrastructure now exists for the delivery of voice-quality audio, it is the desire of to promote and distribute audio in the key areas of thought, such as Apologetics / Art / Biblical Studies / Classical Language Studies / Culture / Education / History / Literature / Philosophy / Politics / Reformation & Renaissance / Theological Studies and more.

Mp3: A Revolution in Technology

Mp3 is short for "mpeg layer 3 encoding." It is a digital compression format for music/audio files that reduces CD quality audio to 1/10 of the size. Whereas CDs hold 72 minutes of stereo audio - a CD-Rom of Mp3 formatted music could contain more than 600 minutes of music. For WordMp3 purposes, it is important to note that mp3 encoding quality can be scaled: lower quality requires less memory, from 8 or 16 kpbs for speech (smallest size = lowest quality) to over 320 kbps for music (hardly distinguishable from audio CDs).

WordMp3: Help Us Get on with the Real Revolution: Jesus is Lord

Do you have audio (especially in other languages) to make available to a worldwide web? Like Koine Greek in the first century world, we would like to connect the world wide web of instructional audio to listeners in all the world: For the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14).