3 Priesthood of Believers - Review

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Expand your horizons on the "priesthood of believers” with these insightful lectures given to the R.lievers." Dr. Peter Leithart, Ph.D. (Cambridge University) is Fellow of Theology and Literature and Acting Librarian, at New St. Andrews College, Moscow, ID. Dr. Leithart is prolific and astoundingly insightful as a teacher and Biblical thinker. He has authored Against Christianity, A Son to Me, A House for My Name, Blessed are the Hungry, Wise Words, Brightest Heaven of Invention, Heroes of the City of Man, and more. His articles have appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Birmingham News, First Things, Pro Ecclesia, Journal of Biblical Literature, Westminster Theological Journal, and other publications. Dr. Leithart lives in Moscow with his wife, Noel, and their ten children.
Peter J. Leithart Peter Leithart received an A.B. in English and History from Hillsdale College in 1981, and a Master of Arts in Religion and a Master of Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia in 1986 and 1987. In 1998 he received his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge in England. He has served in two pastorates: He was pastor of Reformed Heritage Presbyterian Church (now Trinity Presbyterian... read more

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