The Groanings of the Spirit

Part 21 of a 21 part series.
Organization: Biblical Horizons
Price: $3.00
This conference was held July 20-24, 2009 and includes 21 recordings (including worship services), such as James B. Jordan on Learning Holy War at Sinai. Leviticus between Egypt and Canaan; Peter Leithart on Sex & Death in Leviticus 18 & 20; Jeffrey Meyers on Cool Foot Luke. More amazing stuff on Luke than you can even imagine; 2 lectures by Dr. Rob Maddox on Reconsidering Medical Science in the Light of Scripture; and Blake Purcell and Rich Bledsoe also deliver lectures.
Richard Bledsoe Richard Bledsoe ministers in Boulder, CO and has been a frequent speaker at the Biblical Horizons Conference in Niceville, FL.

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