St Annes Pub - The Teleological Mom V4 Num 1

St Annes Pub - The Teleological Mom V4 Num 1
Topic: Motherhood
Organization: St. Annes Pub
Price: $2.00
This issue deals with feminism and the role of mothers. Excellent! St. Annes Public House is an audio magazine which provides a cultural commentary on a contemporary issue by use of interviews and commentaries. Provided by Christ Church, Spokane Washington it aims to provoke consistent Christian thought that erupts into revelry in the manifold goodness of God and was inspired by Ken Myer's work at Mars Hill Audio.
Joost Nixon Joost Nixon has served as Pastor of Christ Church (Spokane, WA) since 2001. He is the executive editor of St. Anne's Public House (an audio magazine) and a contributing editor to Credenda/Agenda magazine.

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