ACCS 2009 Complete Mp3 CD (over 45 mp3s) - Charles Colson, George Grant, Douglas Wilson & Matt Whitling

ACCS 2009 Complete Mp3 CD (over 45 mp3s) - Charles Colson, George Grant, Douglas Wilson & Matt Whitling
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This is the COMPLETE Mp3 CD [over 45 mp3s) - Recorded in Atlanta, GA (June 25-27, 2009), featuring plenary sessions with Chuck Colson, George Grant, Douglas Wilson, and Matt Whitling. RECORDED SESSIONS
ACCS 2009:
01 The Value of Classical Education (Plenary) * Douglas Wilson
03 Creative Teaching * Laurie Detweiler
04 Evolving Your Classical and Christian Science Program * Phil Arant
05 Music as a Liberal Art * John Hodges
07 Chanting and Singing: The Building Blocks of the Grammar Method * L. Denise Hollidge
09 Rhetoric: The Formidable Discipline * Marlin Detweiler
11 To the Uttermost: A Global Vision for Classical Christian Education * George Grant
12 Discussion Group on Science Education * Charlie Dowers
13 Innocent Envy (Plenary) * Matt Whitling
14 Beyond Phonics: Laying Foundations for Rhetoric-Level Reading * Dory Zinkand
15 The Classical Education of a Great Scientist: Sir Isaac Newton * Helen Martin
16 How to Teach Latin in the Dialectic School * Karen Moore
17 Working Collaboratively with Other ACCS Schools *Ty Fischer
18 When Good Christian Co-Workers Don’t Get Along * Douglas Wilson
19 Covenant Discipline * Matt Whitling
20 A Firm Foundation in Grammar Stage Latin * Julie Garfield
21 The Logic Tools of Learning * Jim Nance
22 Boss or Brother: The Dilemma of Christian Leadership * Ralph Janikowsky
23 New Claphams: Learning from William Wilberforce’s Learning * George Grant

FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2009
24 The Begats: Genealogy of Classical Christian Education (Plenary) * George Grant
25 Foundations of Lesson Planning * Dory Zinkand
26 A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place! * Nancy Lockett
27 Virtual Vergil: Bringing the Ancients into the Digital Age * Karen Moore
28 Budgeting Workshop: Part I * D. Post, R. Lee, D. Goodwin
29 Principles and Methods * Douglas Wilson
30 Sins of the Classroom * Matt Whitling
31 Writing with Excellence: Helping Students Create Mighty and Memorable Poetry and Prose * Jason Saxon Smith
32 Foundations of Formal Logic * Jim Nance
33 Budgeting Workshop: Part II * D. Post, R. Lee, D. Goodwin
34 The Seven Laws of Teaching * Tom Garfield
35 A Short History of ACCS (Plenary) * Douglas Wilson
36 Memory Period * Ty Fischer
37 Larger-Than-Life Literature (Pep Rally for Literature) * Melissa Martin
38 Educational Aesthetics and Restoring Our Humanity CUT SHORT * Steve Turley
39 All the World’s a Stage, We Need to Train the Actors: Drama in CCE * Mike McKenna
40 Financing and Building a Classical Facility * David Goodwin
41 Tools to Teach Larger-Than-Life Literature in Grammar School * Melissa Martin
43 Classical Math in the 21st Century: Shoulders of Giants? * Linda Janikowsky
44 Don’t Boil Your Teachers In Classical Milk * Tom Garfield
45 While America Sleeps: God Is at Work in Asia * Wanti Wowor

46 Communication and Building Relationships with Parents * L. Denise Hollidge
47 Scripture and the Moral Imagination * Steve Turley?48 The Head of School and the Faculty * Rod Gilbert
49 Event Planning 101 * Gene Liechty, Gwen Thomas
50 In the Light of the Scriptures * Matt Whitling
51 Classical Christian Education: The Imperative (Plenary) * Charles Colson