Romans (04): Judgment

Date: 7/6/2008
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Romans: An Exposition (04) - Judgment
All Saints * Dr. Gregg Strawbridge * July 6, 2008

In chapter one, Paul made clear that fallen man’s sin brings the wrath of God (1:18) and so God “hands over” men to wickedness. Then, idolatry brings all kinds of immorality (1:26) and rejecting God’s revelation brings all kinds of corruption (1:29). The whole lot of mankind is thus corrupt. But like many in the Church, Paul anticipates the hypocrisy of self-righteous agreement. Those with the Law of God might agree, but fail to see how this also applies to them. Chapter two tightens the noose around religious [Jewish] necks and shows that no one is able to judge, that judgment is according to works, that judgment is without partiality, and that the true people of God fulfill the righteous requirements of the Law of God in their lives whether they are Jews or Gentiles.

God’s righteous judgment is due to ______________ ________________ (2:1-5).
Romans 2:1 [Now] On account of all this [human condition], you are without a reasonable defense [an apologetic] if you judge others, because on the same grounds of judgment you condemn yourself, because those who set themselves up to judge are also guilty. 2 But we know that the judgment of God is according to truth upon those who do such things. 3 But reason this out, when you, O man, pass judgment on them and do the same things, do you think you will escape the judgment of God? 4 Or do you despise the riches, kindness, forbearance and patience of God, ignorant that God’s kindness is to lead you toward repentance? 5 But according to the hardness and impenitence of your heart, you are treasuring up wrath against yourself on the day of wrath, when the righteous judgment of God will be revealed.

God’s righteous judgment is according to _____________ ____________(2:6-10).
6 Who will render payment to every person according to his works. 7 to them that by patient good works seek glory and honor and immortality, eternal life; 8 but to those out of selfish-ambition and disobedience to the truth, even obeying unrighteousness, wrath and indignation. 9 Tribulation and calamity upon every life of man that is working evil, to the Jew and equally so to the Greek. 10 But glory and honor and peace to every person who is working good, to the Jew first and equally to the Gentile.

God’s righteous judgment is without _____________________________ (2:11-12).
11 For there is no favoritism with God. 12 For as many as have sinned without Torah-Law shall perish without Torah, and as many as sinned under Torah will be judged by Torah.

God’s righteous people are ____________ ______ _______ _________ (2:13-16).
13 For it is not the hearers of Torah are that are righteous, but the doers of Torah shall be [declared] justified. 14 For when the Gentile nations that do not have Torah by [custom] nature, do the things of Torah, these not having Torah, are a Torah to themselves, 15 who indicate the works of Torah written on their hearts, their consciences witnessing to them and conflicting thoughts accusing or else excusing them, 16 in the day when God judges the secrets of men through Jesus the Anointed King, according to my announcement of the good news. (GS trans.)
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