The Hidden Joy of Patience

Date: 12/2/2007
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Titus 2:1-2
I. Introduction
II. What is it?
a. Commonly: patient endurance, steadfastness, tranquility in trial, forbearance, perseverance
i. Necessity of love and wisdom
ii. The aspect of humility
b. Two examples: the prophets & Job (Jas 5:10-11)
III. How do we get it?
a. From the Holy Spirit (Gal
b. By putting it on (Col 3:12, 15)
c. By going through all kinds of trials (Rom 5:3; Jas 1:3)
IV. How should we exercise it?
a. Mindful of God's patience and judgment (Rom 2:4-7)
b. Letting the Word of Christ dwelling in us richly in all wisdom (Col 3:16-17)
c. Joyfully (Col 1:11)
d. Patiently doing what God has commanded, then receiving the promise (Heb 10:36)
V. What prevents or hinders patience?
a. The longsuffering patience of God is salvation (2 Pet 3:15). Advent is a time to remember the future coming of Jesus. That He has not yet returned is God's longsuffering patience, of salvation.
b. Consider the ways in which Advent promotes patience, and learn the joy of Advent patience for the rest of the year.
c. Dealing with others (especially extended family members) during Advent and Christmas often requires patience. Think of patience as an instrument that gets at the problems and issues you'd like to see addressed now.
VI. Conclusion
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