The Women and the Resurrection

Date: 11/18/2007
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Matthew 27:55-28:10
I. Introduction
II. Witnesses to Jesus’ Death (vv. 55-61)
i. Many women looking on
ii. Joseph of Arimathea
III. Plots against Jesus’ Resurrection (vv. 62-66)
i. The breaking of Passover
ii. Defiance of Jesus’ teaching
iii. Preventative measures
IV. Witnesses to the Resurrection (vv. 1-10)
i. Twin fears
ii. The angelic announcement
iii. Meeting with Jesus
V. Application
i. Are we attentive to the Cross amidst all of our worldly concerns? If not, we are not in a position to receive the refreshment of the Resurrection.
ii. Do we see assaults against the Resurrection for what they are? We need to be wise to the ungodly attempts to invalidate the teaching of Christ by putting obstructions against the Resurrection. So too, we need to see how these wicked plans miscarry.
iii. Patient in our afflictions, weak in ourselves, waiting upon Christ, we too are those who receive the joy of the Resurrection.
VI. Conclusion
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