Peter and Judas

Date: 10/28/2007
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Matthew 26:69-27:1-10

I. Introduction
II. Peter’s Three Denials (vv. 69-75)
a. Denial by a claim to ignorance
b. Denial by oath
c. Denial by curse
III. Jesus’ Sentencing (vv. 1-2)
a. Early morning
b. Their “justice” bound to Pilate
IV. Guilt and the Consequences of Judas’ Betrayal (vv. 3-10)
a. Judas’ repentance unto death
b. What to do with the money?
c. Fulfillment of the Scriptures
V. Application
a. From the examples of Peter and Judas, we see just how deceitful our hearts can be. We must therefore learn to submit them to God constantly.
b. The sorrow and guilt behind real repentance leads us back to Christ and to life.
c. Beware of relatively ineffective ways of dealing with your sin. Judas’ great sorrow and giving back of money did nothing to take away his guilt.
d. Great forgiveness and great blessing flow to those who repent of their great sins. This means you.
e. Jesus forgave Peter freely and with great joy. You must do the same and also make sure that you do not hinder the repentance of others.
VI. Conclusion
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