8 Kyle Lammott The Food of Christ. The Wedding Reception at Sychar

Part 8 of a 8 part series.
Organization: Theopolis Institute
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From the Conference:
The inaugural Theopolitan Ministry Conference (July 19-20, 2021). Internally, today's church is in disarray, rocked by scandal and heresy, tossed by roiling ideologies, adrift without rudder or pilot. Externally, today's church faces a protean world of rapidly changing technology, morals, and politics. To carry out her vocation, the church needs a fresh vision of her nature and mission, deeply rooted in Scripture and buoyant with courageous hope for God's future. We believe the church needs to be gripped by the Theopolitan vision. Speakers: Peter Leithart, Jeff Meyers, Kyle Lammott, Jack Franicevich, Kameron Edenfield, Paul Buckley, Drew Knowles, and Blake Johnson,

Held at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama, on July 19-20, 2021.