A Lost Text on the Effect of the Resurrection (Codex Washingtonensis)

Date: 4/4/2021
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Type: Sunday Sermon
Topic: Resurrection
Organization: All Saints
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Mark 16:14w:

And they began apologizing, "This age of lawlessness and unbelief is under Satan who does not allow what lies under the unclean spirits to understand the truth and power of God. Therefore reveal Your righteousness now" - this is what they spoke to Christ. And Christ responded, "The fulness of the time of Satan's power has been fulfilled, but other terrible things draw near. And for those who have sinned I was delivered over to death, that they may return to the truth and sin no more in order to inherit the spiritual and incorruptible glory of righteousness which is in heaven.” 15 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation….” (From the Codex Washingtonensis, a  NT Manuscript in the Freer Museum, Washington DC).

Gregg Strawbridge Gregg Strawbridge, Ph.D., is the pastor of All Saints Church in Lancaster, PA. He became a committed follower of Jesus Christ at age 20, discipled in the context of a University Navigator Ministry. As a result of personal discipleship he went on to study at Columbia Biblical Seminary (M.A., Columbia, SC, 1990), as well as receive a Ph.D. in education and philosophy... read more