Biblical Church Planting: What Should a Planter Do?

Date: 4/6/2021
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Type: Lecture
Organization: Reformation Resources
Price: FREE

From the Augustine Presbytery spring retreat (April 5-7, 2021).

Westcott House
5289 S Page Valley Rd
Luray, VA 22835

Your chef this year will be Rev. Laurence Windham (PM pro tem) (St Peter Presbyterian, Bristol), accomplished chef for St. Peter Presbyterian and long-time servant of our presbytery.

6:00 pm: Fabulous fresh tacos (fresh made tortillas)
7:30 pm: Rev. Duane Garner - Biblical Counseling: What Should a Counselor Do?
Evening Fellowship Time

8:00 am: Breakfast Burritos
9:00 am: Augustine Presbytery Stated Meeting, see agenda (Spring 2021) - Sermon by PM Rev. Gregg Strawbridge (Lancaster, PA) - Biblical Preaching: What Should a Hearer Do?


Recreational time (golf, hiking, fellowship, rest, etc.)
6:00 pm: Dinner - Dry Aged Prime Rib, et al
7:30 pm: Rev. Michael Foster - Biblical Church Planting: What Should a Church Planter Do?
Evening Fellowship

8:00 am: Breakfast


Michael Foster Michael is ordained as a Pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America. He is a serial-entrepreneur who has been in bi-vocational ministry the better part of his adult life. God has blessed him with a beautiful wife and eight children. He is currently in Cincinnati, taking a break from pastoral ministry.