Psalm 139 - The Knowing and Present Covenant LORD

Date: 1/17/2021
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Type: Sunday Sermon
Topic: Psalm 139
Organization: All Saints
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Psalms are arranged. 1) Five books and book 5 is 107-150; the internal arrangement is not random. They are not individual unrelated chapters. There are sequences and cycles. The cycle begins in 137 (songs of Zion in babylon) and ends with 145. The answer to the riddle is that David is the answer. Psalm 138–145 are all ascribed to David. Why the people in exile arrange the psalter to invoke David?  Because of the promise of God. When he became king, there were enemies within and without, there was no holy city, no temple, yet he established the kingdom. In 139 David proclaims God knows us and is with, even in the darkness; and He will overcome our enemies as we show covenant loyalty to the LORD.

That the structure is parallel is is proven by the repetition of “search/examine me” 1 and 23, at the beginning and the end.

Outline of Psalm 139:
A. YHWH knows me in the present (1-6)
    B. YHWH is with me in the present (7-10)
         C. YHWH is with me even in the [bruising] darkness (11-12)
    B’ YHWH was with me in the womb (13-18)
A’ YHWH knows me in the future [desires, aspirations] (19-24)
Note: Yahweh/YHWY is the Hebrew name for the Covenant LORD.

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