Introduction to Egalitarian Marriage

Speaker: Sarah Ago
Date: 8/3/2019
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Type: Lecture
Topic: Marriage
Price: FREE

This workshop will build a foundation for anyone who is new to the idea of egalitarian marriage.  Our starting point will be God’s original design as described in Genesis 1 and 2 and how the fall in Genesis 3 changes the dynamic of how relationships are lived out.  We will examine the redemption that the cross brings into the relationship between men and women, touching on some of the confusing passages on the New Testament.  Practical advice on decision-making will be offered within the context of an egalitarian relationship.

Sarah Ago Sarah is an associate pastor at Hillside Covenant Church in Walnut Creek, CA. Sarah graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with an MA in family life education. She serves on the CBE board and the Committee on Ministerial Standing for the Pacific Southwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Sarah is in the process of forming a non-profit to support a safe house for exploited women and... read more