Christ: Ever Culturally Relevant, Never Culturally Captive: Freeing Christianity from Bias and Cultural Captivity

Date: 8/2/2019
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Type: Lecture
Topic: Bias
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Why are Christians who seek racial justice not standing with Christians seeking equality for women? Why do gender equity Christians often find themselves working in largely white circles. Why are progressive Christians locked in near perpetual disharmony with conservative believers? The hard news is that becoming Christian does not make us immune to bias and the tendency toward what for over two decades Ruben Rivera has called the cultural captivity of Christ. This helps explain the explosion of “Christianities” in the world and expressions that have justified racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination and oppression. This seminar will introduce participants to the surprising ways that even socially conscious Christians can be hindered by unconscious culturally captive, ingroup influences, and contrast this with what Rivera calls Remarkable Christianity.

Ruben Rivera Ruben Rivera, PhD, is a professor of Christian history and chief diversity officer at Bethel University in Minnesota. Ruben has held seminars in schools, churches, and other venues across the US on biblical responses to the immigration debate, the racialization of the human and beauty, racial reconciliation, gender equity, cultural humility, intergroup dialogue,... read more