Theological Malpractice Stands Culpable in Sexual Abuse

Date: 8/4/2019
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Type: Lecture
Topic: Sexual abuse
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The #MeToo movement has revealed the wide-spreada atrocities of sexual abuse with the larger culture. However, the #ChurchToo movement has exposed the church's culpability in this matter. More precisely, the theological malpractice of patriarchal authority without question has created an environment for sexual abuse to flourish behind a protective veil of personal and congregational misplaced conviction. Dr. R. Mitch Randall will argue the church must accept responsibility for their part in creating the environment where sexual abuse thrived because the church's teaching of female subservience established male dominance in the culture. Therefore, if the church honestly seeks repentance of the culpability, then they must also turn to an egalitarian theological praxis.

Mitch Randall Dr. Randall holds a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern State University, an MDiv with biblical languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a DMin from George W. Truett Theological Seminary. He is committed to upholding the four fragile freedoms of the Baptist tradition, building ecumenical relationships with other Christians, fostering interfaith partnerships, and fighting... read more