Who's Talking & Who's Listening: Using Meory to Enhance Interauted Group Thctions Between Churches and Marginalized Women

Date: 8/3/2019
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Type: Lecture
Topic: Women
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How can churches become more effective at hearing what our marginalized sisters are wanting to communicate to us? In this workship, Muted Group Theory (MGT) will be presented as a tool for explaining and promoting communication between churches and marginalized women. First, after a brief overview of MGT and its tenets, participants will look at how MGT informs gendered communication generally. Then MGT will be specifically applied within the micro-differential power dynamics that further complicate communication

Linda Barkman Linda Lee Smith Barkman holds a PhD in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and is passionate about advocating for women, especially incarcerated women. Linda served thirty years in a California prison as a result of a case involving domestic violence. She earned her BS in psychology and most of her MA in theology while incarcerated.