Understanding Double Abuse® and its Consequences

Date: 8/1/2019
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Type: Lecture
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The incidence of abuse is far more common than we believe. According to the CDC half of all relationships involve lifelong emotional abuse. Recent studies point to much higher numbers. However, when a victim finds the courage to finally speak up, more often than not she is dismissed, not believed, given unhealthy ultimatums, criticized, or shunned. The response sustains the abuse and causes further harms. This second layer of abuse is what I have termed Double Abuse®. Double Abuse® exacerbates trauma caused by original abuse and can lead a victim to develop complex trauma, or Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). In this breakout session, we will take a look at this complicated topic and provide tangible solutions. You will walk away with a new perspective, equipped with tools to respond in healthy and helpful ways to prevent further harm and promote healing and restoration when a victim comes forward with their story of abuse.

Annette Oltmans Annette Oltmans is a philanthropist, fervent human rights advocate, and survivor. Annette's personal experience of recovery led to an extensive field research into the topics of original and Double Abuse®, igniting her passion to educate, equip, and restore those affected by any form of abuse. In 2016, she founded the Mend Project, a non-profit dedicated... read more