Working Towards Mutuality as a Mark of Christian Identity: A Case of the Work of the African Church For Biblical Equality

Date: 8/1/2019
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Type: Lecture
Topic: Mutuality
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The session will focus on the work of the African Church For Biblical Equality (ACFBE) in advocacy work towards achieving mutuality of men and women in the Church and society as a mark of Christian identity. For reasons ranging from the improper interpretation of scripture to societal sterotypes and lack of opportunity for girls, there is no mutuality between men and women even among Christians in Kenya. The session will look at some of the work by ACFBE as a source for advocacy work in both Church and society. ACFBE has done advocacy work through conscientization and training.

Emily Onyango Emily Onyango is a priest in the Anglican Church of Kenya. She currently works at St. Paul’s University as a senior lecturer, and teaches in the area of ecclesiastical studies, history, and gender studies. Through ACFBE (African Church for Bible Equality), she is involved in producing training material and doing advocacy work in the areas of gender,... read more