Let Loose (Luke 13:10-17)

Speaker: Rev. Jon Herr
Date: 8/25/2019
Type: Sunday Sermon
Topic: Freedom
Price: FREE

Communion Meditation:

Do you take the Lord’s Supper for granted? Is it just another thing we do each Sunday?

I hope not. Last week, as I had the chance to celebrate the Lord’s Supper in the pew with my family, I was overwhelmed by the wonderful camaraderie and unity I experienced, that can sometimes be lost on me. So take a moment now as we come to this Supper, to take note once again of those around you.

This meal both shows us, and invites us into, the death of Christ for sinners. This meal shows us Christ who was lifted up, that He might lift us up.

This meal shows us the body of Christ which was given for us, so that our bodies might be given to the service of the one Body of Christ.

This meal shows us His blood which was shed, so that we might shed our blood for one another.

This meal isn’t just another thing we do. It’s not just something to inconvenience your singing of some hymns. ;-)

Enjoy it. Savor each bite...every drop. For Christ has loosed us, that we might all together rejoice at all the glorious things that He has done.


Jon Herr Jon Herr (MATS, Reformed Theological Seminary; BS Bible, Philadelphia Biblical University) is Pastor of Christ Covenant Church of Chicago (CREC). Previously he served as a deacon and ministerial student at All Saints Church (CREC, Lancaster PA). He and his wife Jackie live in the Chicago suburbs with their two daughters and three sons.