In the Breaking of the Bread: Communion on the Lord's Day (free PDF)

In the Breaking of the Bread: Communion on the Lord's Day (free PDF)
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In the Breaking of the Bread: Communion on the Lord's Day by Gregg Strawbridge - This booklet (24 pgs) provides a compelling case for communion during Lord's Day Worship. This work explains the relationship between the Sabbath, the Resurrection, the Lord's Day and the Table with references to the early Church's eucharistic practice, as well as many Reformers quotes in support of weekly communion. Note: the free PDF Outline contains the entire booklet. If you purchase the booklet you will receive a hard copy. Consider ordering multiple copies contact us for bulk orders.

Gregg Strawbridge Gregg Strawbridge, Ph.D., is the pastor of All Saints Church in Lancaster, PA. He became a committed follower of Jesus Christ at age 20, discipled in the context of a University Navigator Ministry. As a result of personal discipleship he went on to study at Columbia Biblical Seminary (M.A., Columbia, SC, 1990), as well as receive a Ph.D. in education and philosophy... read more

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