EucharistiX - Ep. 1 - Food and Gratitude

Date: 4/25/2018
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Type: Interview
Topic: Eucharist
Organization: Reformation Resources
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Welcome to EucharistiX, a podcast which explores the eucharistic dimension of life and worship based the New Testament word, “to give thanks” (Mt. 26 :27; Mk. 8:6; Lk. 22:17). In traditional Christian liturgy, the Eucharist is the second part of the service, following the service of the Word (the synaxis). The final X is added to refer to Xristos/Christ from the letter X (Chi). For more information contact Rev. Gregg Strawbridge, PhD, director of and Pastor of All Saints Church, Lancaster PA.

In this inaugural episode, Gregg Strawbridge, chocalatier, Priscilla Kong, and Steve Turley talk about food and how eating with gratitude reorients the world.

Music in this podcast was selected from and is licensed under the Creative Commons licensing arr.

Steve Turley Steve Turley (Ph.D., Durham University) is a theologian, social theorist, classical Christian educator, and prize-winning classical guitarist. He is the author of The Ritualised Revelation of the Messianic Age: Washings and Meals in Galatians and 1 Corinthians (T&T Clark, 2015), and Awakening Wonder: A Classical Guide to Truth, Goodness, and Beauty (Classical... read more