03 Numbers

Part 3 of a 5 part series.
Topic: Bible Exodus
Organization: Theopolis Institute
Price: $6.00
A session (over 2 hours) from the Theopolis Institute Course - Exodus-Joshua, Trinity-Term 2015 . . . Theology students learn everything except the Bible. They learn historical theology and church history, systematics and dogmatics; they master the linguistic and interpretive tools to study the Bible for themselves. Actual study of the Bible is often minimal. Theopolis Bible courses focus on the Scriptures themselves. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, students learn the contents and patterns of Scripture, learn to be delighted by its beauties and to plunge into its depths. Theopolis will offer a series of four five-week Bible survey courses covering the Old Testament and the Gospels.
James B. Jordan James B. Jordan is the Director of Biblical Horizons ministries, a theological think tank that publishes books, monographs, essays and taped lectures focused on Bible commentary, Biblical theology and liturgical theology. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in comparative literature. During four years in the United States Air force,... read more