02 The Fallen City in the First Century and Today; Future City: Gospel and History 02

Part 2 of a 14 part series.
Organization: Theopolis Institute
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A talk from the Holistic Mission course - Theopolis Institute Course - Holistic Mission: The City of God and the Mission of Christ - In this intensive course from March 2014, Wes Baker gives practical and profoundly theological instruction on Mission Work. He lays out a vision for optimistic and culture-building evangelism and Kingdom work. Bakers teaches not only the ‘how to,’ but also the ‘why,’ and shows how the Church is to be God’s voice, speaking His words after Him, into a broken world.

Wesley Baker Wes is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America. He and his wife Jami have seven children ranging in age from eleven to twenty-four. Wes serves as a pastor in the Cristo Rey Presbyterian Church in Trujillo, Peru, where he trains pastors and church planters in the seminary, and helps with the mission's strategic planning. The Bakers have been with Peru Mission in Cajamarca and Trujillo for... read more