Liturgy 03 Abrahamic Worship

Part 3 of a 15 part series.
Topic: Liturgy
Organization: Theopolis Institute
Price: $4.00
This talk is from the Theopolis Course on Christian Liturgy - This class is an intensive study of the purpose and form of Christian liturgy. In this course, Jeff Meyers explores the biblical foundations for liturgical worship, especially the “sacrificial” sequence and order of worship. Meyers also addresses the cultural significance of liturgical Christian practice and the problems of modern “free” worship. This course also features two lectures by James B. Jordan on the historical development of worship practices in the Old Testament (from Eli to Jesus) and addressing the problems with iconography in worship. The final recording is a liturgical service (a Vespers service) including an exhortation by Peter J. Leithart.
Jeffrey J. Meyers Jeffrey Meyers is pastor of Providence Reformed Church in St. Louis. He is the husband of one, and father of four, and author of The Lord's Service (Canon Press). Visit Providence Reformed online at .