15 The Pulpit and War of Independence I

Part 16 of a 33 part series.
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A talk from the 32 part (with PDF notes)course - America: The First 350 Years. "In the last quarter century, our nation's history has been re-written and God has been erased...I am grateful for efforts such as Pastor Steve Wilkins' AMERICA: The First 350 Years, to bring to light the Christian heritage of our country." - Dr. D. James Kennedy
Steve Wilkins Steve Wilkins holds a Bachelor of Science degree (in Pre-Law) from the University of Alabama and a Masters of Divinity from the Reformed Theological Seminary of Jackson, Mississippi. He was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America in 1976. He has served as the pastor of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (CREC) of Monroe, Louisiana since 1989. Pastor... read more

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