The Postmillennial View

Date: 11/2/2014
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Type: Lecture
Topic: Eschatology
Organization: All Saints
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Gregg Strawbridge's presentation from - An "Evening of Eschatology" with Dr. John Master (Dispensational), Dr. Todd Mangum (Historic Premillennial), Dr. Vern Poythress (Amillennial), and Dr. Gregg Strawbridge (Postmillenial Preterist) to present their views on the biblical teaching concerning the Millennium. The Cairn University Student Theological Society hosted this event. The live audio and slides/presentation from Gregg Strawbridge's presentation is available here in video format.

Gregg Strawbridge Gregg Strawbridge, Ph.D., is the pastor of All Saints Church in Lancaster, PA. He became a committed follower of Jesus Christ at age 20, discipled in the context of a University Navigator Ministry. As a result of personal discipleship he went on to study at Columbia Biblical Seminary (M.A., Columbia, SC, 1990), as well as receive a Ph.D. in education and philosophy... read more