Full Membership Access for Life

Full Membership Access for Life
Organization: Membership
Price: $2,500.00 $399.97
Shipping: Free Shipping

Gain access to all the Library, over 24,000 audio recordings, as well as all future mp3s we will curate in our library! Download or stream as often as you like!

  • Over 8900 Evangelical Theological Society conference proceedings on biblical, theological, historical, cultural recordings
  • Over 500 Evangelical Philosophical Society (Craig, Habermas, McGrath, Moreland, Plantinga, et al, included in the ETS collection)
  • Over 500 Near East Archaeological Society presentations (included in the ETS collection)
  • Over 1750 Biblical Horizons (James B. Jordan) talks
  • Over 850 Classical Education talks (Association of Classical and Christian Schools, Veritas, and more)
  • Over 690 Ken Boa talks including the Great Books discussions
  • Over 270 Theopolis Institute (Peter J. Leithart) courses
  • Over 260 talks by Greg Bahnsen (philosophy and apologetics resources)
  • Over 170 talks by George Grant
  • Scores of other smaller collections and we are adding about 1000 each year!

Most of these cost $4 per talk. To buy each item would cost well over $50,000!