Revelation Unveiled (204 lectures) (DVD)

Revelation Unveiled (204 lectures) (DVD)
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See a larger view of this item. FREE SHIPPING For a limited time - The Book of Revelation is seen by many as a book wrapped in a riddled mystery insidean enigma. Efforts to understand it are a waste of time. For too long Revelation has been the code of Left-Behind-crazed TV-evangelists using this text for their own profits. Rather this  amazing revelation is about the Lord Jesus Christ, in His magnificence.

This series of lectures overcomes that enigma and  opens our eyes to the original setting of the book,  along with the literary background of the symbolism throughout the Old Testament. It is simply amazing! Listening to Jordan, leads to a deeper grasp of  all Scripture, including St. John's Revelation.

Revelation is framed in the language and symbolism of the Old Testament. Jordan explains this background in all its fulness. Even more, Revelation is set in the  turbulent times of the New Testament era when the Church was persecuted by the unbelieving Judaizers and the Pagan Romans.

About this Product:

This a DVD of mp3 files and documents. Includes the complete James B. Jordan series - "Revelation in Detail" (204 mp3s) with extensive notes (364 pages in Word format) and Jordan's "Reader's Guide to Revelation" (Word doc 24 pages), also included is related bonus material on Revelation (from Ken Gentry, Gary DeMar, Doug Wilson, Gregg Strawbridge). An amazing exposition of Revelation by master interpreter, James B. Jordan.

James B. Jordan James B. Jordan is the Director of Biblical Horizons ministries, a theological think tank that publishes books, monographs, essays and taped lectures focused on Bible commentary, Biblical theology and liturgical theology. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in comparative literature. During four years in the United States Air force,... read more

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