The Classical Christian School Complete Library (ACCS 1993-2009)

The Classical Christian School Complete Library (ACCS 1993-2009)
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The Classical Christian School Movement is causing quite a stir in the United States and around the world. Do you know that the richest Chinese in Indonesia pay for this kind of education for their own children rather than settle for poor quality "government education." Just 10 years ago, there were only dozens of Classical Christian Schools in existence. Today, hundreds of these schools and many thousands more homes schools are training the next generation. These schools are peppering the American landscape and laying the groundwork for restored Christian leadership in our land (Praise God!). With your purchase of this full collection Classical Christian School Training  Conferences, you will learn why this grassroots idea is gaining momentum and causing our failing government schools to get a little nervous.  Order THE ACCS LIBRARY today and you will receive FREE the Veritas Press best selling booklet (over 50,000 in print), Classical and Christian Education: Recapturing the Educational Approach of the Past by Gregg Strawbridge, Ph.D.

THIS SET CONTAINS - Over 400 Mp3 audio files and documents (Word/PDF) of all the published sessions (and more that were not previously available) from the 1993-2009 national Association of Classical Christian Schools Conferences - over 400 lectures from the world leaders in classical and Christian education. This is a treasure of wisdom in practice and philosophy of Christian education in the classical tradition. Speakers include, Charles Colson, Ken Myers, Douglas Wilson, George Grant, Matt Whitling, Marlin Detweiler, Gene Leichty, Laura Tucker, Nancy Wilson, Chris Schlect, Gene Veith and many more.

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