Dr. George Grant

Dr. George  Grant

George Grant is the president of the King's Meadow Study Center, the pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church, coordinator of the Gileskirk Curriculum Project, and instructor at Franklin Classical School. His recent books include: The Importance of the Electoral College, Blood of the Moon: Understanding the Historic Struggle Between Islam and Western Civilization, Garden Graces: How the Tasks of Gardening Have Shaped Art, Music, and History, The Micah Mandate: Balancing the Christian Life, Shelf Life: How Books Have Changed the Destinies of Men and Nations, and Going Somewhere: A Novel. These books, innumerable audio tapes, a variety curriculum packages, and a host of other resources are available through the King's Meadow Study Center: www.KingsMeadow.com.


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Thomas Chalmers' Scripture Memorization Model: An address to the men of Micah 6:... 2/6/2015
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Theology of Wonder: Integrating the Humanities 5/4/2009
Chesterton: Things Worth Doing Well 9/11/2008
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The Kuyperian Vision of Christ's Lordship 6/21/2007
Changing the World One Student at a Time 7/20/2006
Augustine's Theology of Wonder and Approach to the Integrated Humanities 5/31/2006
George Grant - Modernity Lectures CD  
Grant 48 The End of Communism  
Grant 47 The Conservative Resurgence  
Grant 46 Watergate and Iran  
Grant 45 The War on Poverty  
Grant 44 Vietnam War  
Grant 43 Civil Rights  
Grant 42 The Fifties  
Grant 41 The Cold War  
Grant 40 Return of the Jews  
Grant 39 The End of the War  
Grant 38 Conduct of the War  
Grant 37 The Beginning of the War  
Grant 36 Causes of the War  
Grant 35 Why the Scots  
Grant 34 Churchhill  
Grant 33 Hitler and the Reich  
Grant 32 Distributionism  
Grant 31 Fascism and Communism  
Grant 30 Depression and the New Deal  
Grant 29 Normalcy  
Grant 28 The Fourteen Points  
Grant 27 Distributionism  
Grant 26 Great Warriors  
Grant 25 The Pity of War  
Grant 24 Wilsons New World Order  
Grant 23 TR Rex Mansfield  
Grant 22 Versailles  
Grant 21 Populism  
Grant 20 Jazz and Cubism  
Grant 19 Colonialism  
Grant 18 Victorianism  
Grant 17 Multiple Deconstructions  
Grant 16 Multiple Uncivil Wars  
Grant 15 Spurgeon and Revivalism  
Grant 14 Romantic Poets  
Grant 13 Rational Liberalism  
Grant 12 Darwinism and Scientism  
Grant 11 Nationalism  
Grant 10 Revolution 1848  
Grant 09 Chalmers and Skepticism  
Grant 08 Austen and the Novel  
Grant 07 Scott and the Regency  
Grant 06 Industrialization  
Grant 05 Industrialization  
Grant 04 Empire v the World  
Grant 03 Napoleons Hegemony  
Grant 02 The French Revolution  
Grant 01 Orientation and Study Skills  
George Grant - Modernity Lecture Series  
05Grant Bucer  
03Grant Hus  
01Grant Groote  
24 George Grant Begats Genaology of C.C.E  
23 George Grant Wilberforce  
11 George Grant To the Uttermost Global Vision  
18 George Grant - Theology of Wonder - Integrating the Humanities  
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Christ the Lord of Kirk and Covenant  
Dumb and Dumber - The Desperate Need for Classical Christian Education  
After the Thrill What Keeps CCE Going  
The Kuyperian Vision of Christ's Lordship - George Grant  
Controversial Business - Theodore Beza And The Trouble That Comes With Changing...  
Controversial Business  
The Importance of Thomas Chalmers  
Truth - The Foundation of Education  
Goodness and Beauty  
A Vision for Education  
The Classical Covenant Model of Education  
Jan Comenius: The Legacy of Classical Education and Nation Building  
Gerard Groote  
The Relevance of Thomas Chalmers 4B  
The Relevance of Thomas Chalmers 4A  
The Relevance of Thomas Chalmers 3B  
The Relevance of Thomas Chalmers 3A  
The Relevance of Thomas Chalmers 2B  
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The Anti-Revolutionary Mind  
Karl Marx  
48 The End of Communism  
47 The Conservative Resurgence  
46 Watergate and Iran  
45 The War on Poverty  
44 Vietnam War  
43 Civil Rights  
42 The Fifties