ETS 2015 - Worlds Largest Commentary on Acts by Craig Keener

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Dr. Craig Keener has written the world's largest commentary on Acts in four volumes with over 4000 pages. The Evangelical Theological Society meeting in 2015 interacted with this massive set in sessions titled, "Review of Craig Keener's Commentaries on Acts." This collection includes:
Moderator: Joshua Jipp (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
1:05 PM—1:40 PM Stanley E. Porter (McMaster Divinity College) Big Enough is Big Enough: A Response to Craig Keener's Commentary(ies)
1:40 PM—2:15 PM David W. Pao (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) Keener on Israel and Israel's Scriptures
2:15 PM—2:50 PM Eckhard Schnabel (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) Keener on History and Historiography

2:50 PM—3:25 PM Mark Strauss (Bethel Seminary, San Diego) Keener on the Theology of Acts
3:25 PM—4:10 PM Craig Keener (Asbury Theological Seminary) Summary and Concluding Words

Craig Keener Craig S. Keener served as a presenter at the Evangelical Theological Society Meeting in Denver, CO (2018), addressing the theme, Luke / Acts - Invited: Contemporary Reflections on the Holy Spirit in Acts - and is affiliated with Asbury Theological Seminary.
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