ETS 2014 - Four Views of Daniel's 70 Weeks 4 mp3s)

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Left Behind theology and preterism rests on this passage. Daniel 9 is encoded into almost every NT eschatological passage. Here this lively discussion of Four Views of Interpreting Daniel 9:24-27 - Ron Haydon, Stephen Miller, Peter Gentry, Richard Hess.

MODERATOR: PAUL D. WEGNER (Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary)

The order of the talks is as follows:
RON HAYDON (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
Daniel’s Style of Ambiguity and the Creation of Interpretive Space (9:24- 27)
STEPHEN R. MILLER (Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary)
A Literal Interpretation of Daniel 9:24-27
PETER J. GENTRY (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Parameters for Correct Interpretation of Daniel 9:24-27
RICHARD S. HESS (Denver Seminary)
Reconsidering the Seventy-Sevens of Daniel 9

A session from the 66th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society with the theme, "Ecclesiology" - Held November 19-21, 2014, in San Diego, CA.

Peter J. Gentry B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Toronto Graduate Studies: Dallas Theological Seminary, Jerusalem University College - Professor of Old Testament Interpretation (1999) at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary - He served on the faculty of Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College for 15 years and taught at the University of Toronto, Heritage Theological Seminary, and Tyndale Theological Seminary.... read more
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