Debate - Gary North vs Ron Sider - Helping the Poor, Civil Government and Poverty (Socialism)

Speaker: Dr. Gary North
Topic: Debate
Organization: Gary North
Price: $5.00 FREE

A great debate and interchange. One of the earliest debates between evangelicals and Reconstructionist/Reformed scholars. Interesting and historically significant debate between the well-known Reconstructionist economist, Dr. Gary North and the Christian Socialist professor Dr. Ron Sider, held at Gordon-Conwell Seminary (1981).

Gary North Gary North is a prolific writer and thinker and has sought to apply the Bible to a wide range of social and economic areas. North received a PhD in economic history (The concept of property in Puritan New England, 1630-1720) from the University of California, Riverside in 1972. He has made all of his books and published works available here, for free: ww... read more

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