A Whore and Her Scarlet Seven Trumpets Sounded a Great City Falls Joshuas Jericho and the Dramatic Narrative of the Book of Revelation

Part 9 of a 31 part series.
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About this conference: From the 2005 ETS Meeting, the 57th Annual Meeting of The Evangelical Theological Society in Philadelphia, PA, featuring plenary speakers and topics: Christopher Hall – What Evangelicals and Liberals Can Learn from the Church Fathers.
Warren Gage Associate Professor of Old Testament at Knox Theological Seminary. Dr. Gage is trained in Old Testament, philosophy, history, and law, and spent ten years as a trial attorney. Publications “The Gospel, Zion’s Barren Woman and the Ethiopian Enuch” Crux :June 1994 Vol XXX, No. 2. Co-authored with John Randolph Beck. ''Ruth Upon the Threshing Floor and the Sin of Gibeah: A Biblical-Theological Study''... read more