ETS 2004 - What is Truth (USB)

ETS 2004 - What is Truth (USB)
Organization: ETS National
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Save thousands - $2405 for the CDs! Get the Entire 2004 56th Annual Meeting of Evangelical Theological Society - What is Truth . This includes 422 mp3s on one DVD-Rom disc with PDF files of the conference. Plenary sessions include: EV04001 – A. Köstenberger – What is Truth? Pilate’s Question in its Johannine and Larger Biblical Context
EV04002 – R. Mohler – Truth and Contemporary Culture
EV04003 – J.P. Moreland – Truth and Contemporary Philosophy
EV04004 – K. Vanhoozer – Lost in Interpretation?: Truth, Scripture and Hermeneutics
EV04005 – G. Beale – Presidential Address – The Use of Old Testament Prophecy in the New Testament: ‘Literal’ Fulfillment, Allegory or Analogy? View all the sessions included in this set.

This items is a USB Drive (thumbdrive) containing all of the mp3s from the conference.