Marketing and Development for Christian Organizations (DVD video)

Marketing and Development for Christian Organizations (DVD video)
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FREE SHIPPING (limited time offer). Does your organization need to raise funds? Are you considering a building campaign or purchasing property with a long-term goal vision? Have you seen the fact that tuition alone is not enough? Is your school or organization at the stage where you should hire a Devolopment Director? Gene Liechty has helped many organizations, especially schools, successfully begin and grown their Marketing and Development program without the hassle and pitfalls of the typical "Fundraising" services. Other Fundraising Organizations charge thousands of dollars for their "training" and "certification." Many institutions have paid for overpriced hype, rather than the substance included is this DVD of direct training. Gene is uniquely gifted and qualifed in his own demonstrated success. Through this instructional resource, he can transfer the knowledge and principles of marketing and development to help you move your instution to meet the goals of raising donor dollars. His first action of consulting is to have interested schools view this DVD presentation which captures thousands of dollars worth of in-person consulting.

Gene is uniquely qualified and experienced to serve you in this kind of training. He has a quite impressive hands-on grasp of doing the job of raising millions of dollars as the Marketing and Development Director for Cary Christian School. He shares from his successful, direct and practical experience, providing you with simple and manageable steps toward Marketing and Development in your context. At Cary Christian School the enrollment has more than doubled during his  years of service in marketing and development (currently over 800 students and a waiting list).

THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS - This DVD video training includes a DVD with 3 studo video sessions and a CD containing Resources with audio talks related to marketing and development, numerous exhibits (referred to in the videos), marketing/development materials actually used by Mr. Liechty, as well as digital versions of the materials to use as starter examples.

The DVD video sessions include the following:
SESSION 1 - MARKETING YOUR SCHOOL? How to Raise the Visibility of Your School - Every school, regardless of size or years in existence, needs to promote itself within the community.?
SESSION 2 - DEVELOPMENT  - (part 1) – GETTING STARTED WITH FUNDRAISING -  Understanding the Need, Role, and Character of a Development Director. The fact is plain, tuition dollars alone cannot meet the demands of a growing school. Development Officers act to raise funds outside tuition income.
SESSION 3: DEVELOPMENT  - (part 2) - RAISING DONOR DOLLARS - The mechanics of fund-raising include creating an annual fund drive, structuring a capital campaign drive, and fundraising events.

About Gene Liechty - Gene holds a B.S. from Indiana University in telecommunications/advertising and is a graduate of Greyfriars’ Hall (Christ Church, Moscow, ID). For over 20 years, he has worked in advertising and marketing on “both sides of the camera” as a successful male model, an account executive for Spiro & Associates Advertising (Philadelphia) and ADG Creative (Baltimore), and as an Associate Director of marketing for Gritman Medical Center (Moscow, ID,). He and his wife, Kimberly, and their four children make their home in Cary, NC, where he also serves as the pastor of Christ Church.

Gene Liechty Gene is a 1986 graduate of Indiana University with a degree in telecommunications/advertising and has worked as an account executive for Spiro & Associates Advertising (Philadelphia), as an account executive at Antkowiak Design Group (Baltimore), and as an associate in marketing for Gritman Medical Center (Moscow, ID) where he also studied in Greyfriars Hall. Since 2002 he has been the pastor of... read more

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