Eph. 2.1-10 - Saved by Grace, Living by Grace

Date: 8/23/2015
Type: Sunday Sermon
Price: FREE

Sermon Theme: God calls us to live by grace, since He saved us by His grace.


Sermon outline

A. The Text

1-3 – the necessary bad news

4-6 – what God did

7 – why God did it, for Himself

8-9 – how God did it

10 – why God did it, for us

B. Application

1. Grace is an adverb

 2. To have grace you need to have…

3. Grace favors

4. Grace isn’t required

5. Grace doesn’t ignore the moral standard

            Grace doesn’t allow abuse of proper boundaries

6. Grace is hard to extend

Steve Hemmeke Pastor of Covenant Heritage Reformed Church, in Newport News, Virginia