1 Cor 9 - Paying Pastors; Striving to Serve

Date: 11/2/2014
Type: Sunday Sermon
Price: FREE

I. 1-18 - Paul is the strong, in having a right to be paid for his labor, but he gives it up to keep people from being offended

A. 1-2 – Paul is an apostle

B. 3-7 – apostles can receive support for their work

C. 8-14 - the Law and common sense say so

D. 12b, 15-18 – Paul doesn’t use this right


II. 19-27 – no unnecessary offense to any, to bring all to Christ

A.    19-23 – 2 key differences causing tension

B.     24-27 – even if it means personal sacrifice and discipline


III.  Application

Steve Hemmeke Pastor of Covenant Heritage Reformed Church, in Newport News, Virginia